NEWS: The Concept that Artemisinin and Its Derivatives can Successfully Suppress New Coronaviruses Deserves Attention

From: 2021-07-22 07:41·金融界

Experiments conducted in laboratory cell cultures by teams of Danish and German experts have reportedly shown that artemisinin and its derivatives, Artemether and Artesunate, as well as simple artemisia extracts, have been able to successfully suppress viruses in all cell culture lines, including lung cells. “Artemisinin and its derivatives are effective against two European Coronaviruses strains from Germany and Denmark,” the paper states. These two strains are closely related to most of the new Coronaviruses strains that are endemic around the world. “The team plans to begin Phase I/II clinical trials of artemisinin derivatives in the near future.

Comment: The new corona pneumonia virus is spreading around the world. Although countries around the world are working at full speed on the new crown vaccination work, but the new coronaviruses drug has not yet been successfully developed. Finding drugs that can really inhibit the spread of the new coronary pneumonia virus is the key to a complete victory over the outbreak. This study is the first clear evidence of the possibility of using artemisinin derivatives to develop new crown drugs.

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