News: New study: Lianghua Qingwen (LH24) Capsule has a Inhibitory Effect on the Delta Variant Strain of Covid 19 Virus


Since the outbreak of the new crown virus last year, the Guangzhou Respiratory Health Research Institute of China has been doing researches of the virus and its’ variants, and has been achieving important results. It developed the world’s leading clinical treatment system for the viral infection and created a national prevention and treatment system with integrating of Chinese and Western medicine. It conducted studies to develop the vaccine and clinical trials of treatment with integrative Chinese and western medicines. On July 30, Professor Yang Zifeng, a researcher at the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, gave an interview with the media about the latest research on Delta variant of Covid 19.

“Delta strain of Covid 19 has been found in China, which was imported from abroad.” he said. In facing mutated strains, the institute is studying three aspects, i.e. diagnosis, treatment, and prevention: diagnosis is identifing mutant strains, treatment is drug research, and prevention is vaccine development.

Professor Yang Zifeng pointed out that many research institutions at home and abroad have been carrying out drug researches. “Our team has also carried out drug research on mutant strains, such as Delta, and now we found that some Chinese medicines that had played an important role in the fight against the Covid 19 outbreak last year are now still trustworthy for those mutated variants, such as the ‘three-designated herbal patent medicines, including the Lianhua Qingwen (LH24) Capsule and Clear Lung and Detox Formula, which in vitro showed antiviral effects to inhibit the Delta strain. Further in vivo clinical research is under way.” Professor Yang Zifeng believes that in the situation of the mutant strains impacting our country, it is of great importance to carry out the group prevention and group treatment by using traditional Chinese medicine.

During 2020 outbreak of Covid 19 infections, a lot of scientific studies have been carried on Lianhua Qingwen (LH24) Capsule, which showed that It was effective for coronavirus (HCoV-229E) and COVID-19 and also for to Alpha and Beta variants. It has inhibitory effect on the cell lesions caused by Covid 19 virus infection, and it can inhibit stormy inflammation in the lung and can improve patients’ symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, cough, and significantly improve the CT image of the lungs. It can shorten the duration of disease course and raise clinical cure rate.

In a prospective, randomized, controlled, multi-center clinical study of ” Treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia with Chinese medicine, Lianhua Qingwen (LH24) Capsule.” Participated medical institutions include Wuhan University’s People’s Hospital, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Guangzhou Medical University’s First Affiliated Hospital and other more than 20 hospitals. Results showed after 14 days of treatment, in the LH24 treatment group, the symptom release rate of the main symptoms, i.e. fever, fatigue, and cough was significantly higher than that of the control group treated with western medicine. On the 14th day of treatment, symptom releasing rate reached 91.5% in LH24 group. The research showed that the combination of the oral LH24 Capsule and the basic maintenance treatments together can significantly improve the cure rate of clinical symptoms and curb the deterioration of sickness of patients.

The role played by Chinese medicine in the anti-pandemic in the last two years is significant, especially in the situation of the appealing of variant strains. It has great theoretical and practical significance to make good use of traditional Chinese medicine to carry out group prevention and group treatment of Covid 19.

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