How to Prevent and Treat Covid 19 Infection with MCM

For the prevention and treatment of Covid 19 infection with modern Chinese medicine method, I have some thought which is based on my reading and also on the phyto-pharmacology of our herbal products. 

    The Covid 19 corona virus has strong infectivity and can spread very easily and fast within humans. But its morbidity and mortality are not very high. Therefore the main concern is preventing the infection from developing into serious sickness in case one got infection. 

    According to many information sources that about 40% of infected people are asymptomatic, another 40% or so are mildly ill with symptoms, and about 20% will be sick and among them 6 to 8% could be serious or critic sick even need ICU care or ventilator for aided breathing. Once critic sick, the death rate will be around 50%. Those seriously sick patients even recovered, the sequel will be quite severe, such as lung fibrosis and brain, heart or kidney damage, Therefore to prevent the infection from developing into a serious sickness is vitally important in the treatment of the infection.

    The first thing first is preventing infection of the virus that is to wear mask and also washing hands and keep social distance. In our herbal preventive method, we use Allicin Capsule, when you need to shop or to be with people, put a capsule of Allicin in the mouth, do not swallow to let it slowly release the Allicin in the mouth that can raise the local concentration to prevent the virus coming in to the mouth and nose. Another way is daily take Allicin Capsule one capsule twice a day. This is the method we are using for our own family

In case one contracted the virus, then taking therapeutic dose of Allicin Capsule, (two capsules three times a day) to suppress virus reproduction in the body. At same time to prevent the infection from developing to become a serious sickness. According to the experiences in China, the Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule (LH24) Can be used for this purpose also.

 The virus causes the first major damaging pathological change is DIC (diffused intra-vascular coagulation). Because our body’s receptor of the Covid 19 virus is the ACE-2 enzyme in the endothelial cells of the blood vessel, once it get in the body the virus first combine with this enzyme and causes the endothelial cells inflammation that made the internal surface of the blood vessel wall rough that causes the blood coagulation to form thrombosis. It can cause multiple system damages. When the blood clots go to the brain causes stroke, to the heart causes heart attack, to the lung causes lung thrombosis, and to the kidney causes kidney failure. This is a very serious pathogenesis in the Covid 19 infection, the conventional medicine use anti-coagulation medicine, such as Aspirin or blood thinners. In our herbal products, the Circulation P Capsule is one of the main treatments for DIC and it can prevent the intra-vascular coagulation to happen. Therefore to take Circulation P Capsule is not only as a general health support and it can also be very useful in the treatment of DIC caused by Covid 19 infection.

    One more dangerous pathogenesis of the Covid 19 infection is that it causes stormy-secretion of the cytokines, such as interleukin 2 and interleukin 6 etc. that causes explosive inflammation in the lungs. The explosive inflammation not only kills the virus, it also kills the patient. A proper self-limited inflammation is our body’s mechanism to eradicate the infection, but the explosive inflammation can dramatically damage the lungs and suffocate the air-exchanging function of the lung and cause the patient to die. For blocking this pathogenesis conventional medicine uses dexamethasone, a steroid; in our herbal products, we can use AI-M Capsule, Arte-M Capsule, and TGP Capsule to prevent this stormy cytokine secretion and the explosive inflammation. The Chinese herbal medicine formula Clear Lung and Detox Formula is also useful in the treatment of the lung inflammation.

With these herbal treatments we can prevent the serious or critic sickness to happen and save the life.

    For those already had serious sickness and recovered survivors, we have to prevent and treat their sequel, that is to promote healing and treat the lung fibrosis. The Circulation P Capsule and Cordyceps Capsule have been used in treating lung fibrosis in the silicon lung (a miner’s disease) and also used for treating liver fibrosis and cirrhosis in the hepatitis C and B patients. They have obvious reversing fibrosis effects.

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