Three Patent Medicines and Three Formulas

of Chinese Medicine for Covid 19

Three Patent Medicines and Three Formulas

of Chinese Medicine for Covid 19

The China State Council Information Office held a press conference on March 23 to give the Chinese medicine a proper position in fighting Covid 19 pandemic. Yu Yanhong, member of the Party Group of the Health Commission, Secretary of the Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Medicine, Zhang Boli, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Huang Wei, President of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liu Qingquan, President of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Qiu Haibo, Vice President of the Affiliated Hospital of Southeast University attended the conference. The important role and effective herbal drugs of Chinese medicine in prevent and control Covid 19 pneumonia was introduced respectively and answered questions from the reporters.

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The conclusion of state’s anti-epidemic of Covid 19 performance of Chinese medicine in China is very positive. China’s anti-epidemic efforts now are drawing to a close and it is doing its all-time efforts to help countries friendly to China overseas, including Italy, Iran, Pakistan, Japan and South Korea, which including provided Chinese medicine. The released conclusion showed that Chinese medicine had more than 90% efficacy in anti-epidemic. Comparative data on the efficacy of Chinese medicine had been reported. Chinese medicine used in China and is easily accepted by everyone; while in the western medicine-led foreign countries clinical data is necessary for its promotion. Chinese medicine’s “three patent herbal medicines and three herbal formulas” had done randomized and controlled trials and got clinical data and gained excellent results. The three patent herbal medicines and three herbal formulas have curious effect on this Covid 19 outbreak, for which there is no western medicine has specially designated drug and also there is no vaccine yet.

Three patent herbal medicines are:

金花清感胶囊 (Jinhua Qinggan Capsule), 连花清瘟胶囊 (Lianhua Qingwen Capsule), and 血必净注射液 (Xue Bi Jing Injections). They have been chosen through experimental and clinical studies.

金花清感胶囊 (Jinhua Qinggan Capsule) is a patent herbal medicine developed in 2009 for flu H1N1, it is a combination of two classic TCM formulas i.e. 麻杏石甘汤 (Ma Xin Shi Gan Tang) and银翘散 (Yin Qiao Shan). It been proven to be effective by randomized controlled trials and has been on the market for many years in China.

连花清瘟胶囊 (Lianhua Qingwen Capsule) was developed in 2003 for SARS and it has the exact effect on anti-SARS, which is also a coronavirus. It showed very positive effects on treating the Covid 19 infections. More than 100,000 boxes have been assisted in Italy.

血必净注射液 (Xue Bi Jing Injections) is a Chinese medicine injection, used for the treatment of serious, critically ill patients and it had shown a particular efficacy. It can effectively block the cytokine storm and explosive inflammation in the lung and can improve blood oxygen saturation.

Three herbal formulas are: 

清肺排毒汤(Clear Lung and Detox Decoction), 宣肺败毒方(Xuan Fei Bai Du Formula) and化湿败毒方(Hua She Bai Du Formula).

Clear Lung and Detox Decoction can be used for mild, moderate, severe, and critical patients. Its efficacy was more than 90%. In 10 provinces, 66 designated medical institutions have treated 1,263 confirmed Covid 19 infected patients and cured 1,214 cases, accounting for 96.12%. Of the 57 cases of severe patients who were treated with integrative Chinese and Western medicine and taking the Clear Lung and Detox Decoction, 42 were cured and discharged, accounting for 73.7%, and none of them were turned in critical condition.

On January 27th, the State Administration of TCM launched the project “Effective prescription screening research of Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of Covid 19 infection” as a clinical emergency. In Shanxi, Hebei, Heilongjiang and Shaanxi provinces, the clinical efficacy was observed in the treatment of Covid 19 pneumonia patients with Clean Lung and Detox Decoction. It observed the improvements of fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat, poor appetite, etc. symptoms and the changes of the lung image scan. It had proved that the Clean Lung and Detox Decoction had particular effects in treating Covid 19 infections.

宣肺败毒方 (Xuan Fei Bai Du Formula), it is a modified classic TCM formula. It has an efficiency of more than 90% for mild and moderate illness. A study conducted in Wuhan Chinese Medicine Hospital and the Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Hubei Province found that the clinical cure rate was 22% higher than the control group that used western medicine alone. Henan First Hospital used this宣肺败毒方 (Xuan Fei Bai Du Formula) to treat 40 cases of mild and moderate sick patients, with an average cure time of 9.66 days, no one turned to severe or critical sickness. Wuhan had used the宣肺败毒方 (Xuan Fei Bai Du Formula) to treat many patients, cured all mild and moderate cases and no one turned to be severe or critical illness.

化湿败毒方(Hua She Bai Du Formula): Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital did a clinical controlled trial, 75 cases of severe Covid 19 patients after use化湿败毒方(Hua She Bai Du Formula) the symptom improvement was very obvious, the cure time was shortened by more than 3 days; The controlled trial in the Mobile Cabin Hospitals was also proved its effectiveness. When giving Chinese medicine to foreign patients, the化湿败毒方(Hua She Bai Du Formula) has been affectionately known as “Q-14”. Q taken from the English harmonic CURE, cure, antidote meaning, “1 4” means that this formula is composed of 14 Chinese herbal ingredients.

Chinese medicine in fight Covid 19 epidemic has four important roles: effectively cure of mild and moderate cases, alleviate symptoms, can block the mild and moderate cases from turning into severe and critical sickness, can improve the cure rate of severe and critical disease, reduce death rate, and can promote the recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

Up to March 23, 2020, the confirmed cases of Covid 19 pneumonia in China were 74,187 cases, of 91.5% of them used Chinese medicine; Among them 61,449 cases in Hubei Province used Chinese medicine, accounting for 90.6%. Clinical efficacy showed that the total efficiency of Chinese medicine was more than 90%. China is willing to share and provide Chinese medicine to all countries in fight the epidemic.

The practice has proved that the value of Chinese medicine has been tested and has been renewed and worth cherishing. Chinese medicine was, is and will remain an important weapon in the fight against the epidemic!

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