Clear Lung and Detox Decoction has been Designated as a Specific Treatment for Covid 19 Pneumonia in China

Clear Lung and Detox Formula is a Special Medicine for Treating New Corona Viral (Covid 19) Pneumonia

The Joint Covid 19 Pneumonia Defense and Control Mechanism of the State Council of China held a press conference on April 17, and Wang Wei, vice-president and professor of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a member of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.

For the clinical application of Clean Lung and Detox Decoction, Wang Wei said, through various clinical observations and preliminary basic research showed that this herbal formula is suitable for mild, moderate, and severe patients of new corona virus (Covid 19) pneumonia. It can be the common prescription, with quick-action, efficient and safe characteristics. He believes that the Clean Lung and Detox Decoction is the specific medicine for treating the new corona viral (Covid 19) pneumonia, and welcomes domestic and foreign researchers to do comparative research on Clean Lung and Detox Decoction and other treatment methods.

Wang Wei said that on January 27, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on clinical urgency, practical and utility-oriented, launched an emergency prevention and treatment project for the new coronavirus (Covid 19) pneumonia with Chinese medicine. First clinical emergency observation was carried out in Shanxi, Hebei, Shaanxi and Heilongjiang provinces. The first group observed 214 patients of different ages, and the preliminary observations found that the efficiency was more than 90%.

At present, the Clean Lung and Detox Decoction has been included in the sixth and seventh version of the Diagnosis and Treatment Schedule of New Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pneumonia. It is currently the only one of the prescription that has been widely used in 28 provinces and cities in China. It has gained a better effect, has become an important means to prevent and control the new coronavirus (Covid 19) pneumonia.

Wang Wei said that while clinical treatment of patients with new coronavirus (Covid 19) pneumonia, there are currently 66 designated medical units in 10 provinces and cities to carry out the clinical observation. Up to the middle night of April 12, out of 1,262 patients admitted, 1,253 had been cured and discharged, accounting for 99.28 percent. Of these 1,262 cases, no mild turned to serious, moderate turned to critical conditions, and it blocking the disease from developing to critical illness.

Compared with the National Health Insurance Bureau of China announced that the new coronavirus (Covid 19) pneumonia patients per patient treatment costs of more than RMB 150,000 yuan; from the clinical observation, the use of Clear Lung and Detox Decoction a treatment course of only about 100 yuan. It is also a big savings in the cost of health insurance.

(Translated from Chinese by Dr. QC Zhang)

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