Allcin Story-2– How I Got to Know About Allicin

I first learned about Allicin was 41 years ago. I was an orthopedist working in Shanghai Reijing Hospital, the largest teaching hospital of Shanghai Second Medical University. Then my son was six month old and developed very high fever. The pediatrician Dr. Shi was my school mate and he used the best antibiotics he could get but the fever didn’t retreat. Finally, he asked me “Do you mind if I use hospital-made garlic preparation as intravenous infusion?” I asked him, had he used this preparation before and was there any toxicity and side effects. He told me that the substance was safe and he had used for several children and it was quite effective. I told this to my wife and we agreed to use this preparation.

Dr. Shi used the hospital preparation through intravenous infusion. I held my son in my arms and watching the solution dripping into his vein on the forehead slowly and smell the garlic odor from his breath. It took about one hour to finish the dripping, during this time I could see that my son’s face become less red and his body gradually cooling down. One hour after the dripping finished his body temperature was normalized. Just one dose made the high fever retreated.

At that time the solution was called “Garlic Injection” was made by the hospital pharmaceutist. It gave me an unforgettable memory and I would remember for life. It might have saved my son. When I started to treat AIDS patients in late 1980s I remembering to use it to treat and prevent opportunistic infections of AIDS patients. I know that HIV itself is not lethal; it is the opportunistic infections and diseases that kill AIDS patients.

In 1980s the hospital made garlic preparations became formal medicine “Allicin Injection” in China and produced by pharmaceutical factory. It was in solution form. I redesigned it and made it to be enterically coated and time-release capsule to enable it becoming a food supplement and can be dosing easily.    

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