A Case Story on Allicin Capsule for Opportunistic Infections of AIDS

In September 1993 my patient Denial M. asked me any help I could give for his friend Steven C. an AIDS patient who was literally on death bed. He had zero CD4 T cells, suffered from PCP pneumonia, CMV retinitis, and Kaposi sarcoma. I thought that Steven needed wild-spectrum anti-infection and anti-neoplastic treatment, so I gave Denial ampoules of Allicin solutions, which was made for intravenous infusion in China. I told him to dilute the solution with water and gave Steven as oral drink. Two weeks after started this treatment, Steven was strong enough been able to come to my clinic to see me in person. Since I provided allicin solution for him as daily treatment. He survival from those opportunistic diseases and managed to live for 10 more years mainly relied on the protection of the Allicin. Allicin didn’t eradicate the HIV, it didn’t cure the CMV retinitis and Kaposi sarcoma, it did cure the PCP pneumonia, which was the main life threaten infection. Steven was a massage therapist and he was able to do massage for other AIDS patients again.

To the year 2003, Steven’s CMV retinitis advanced that made his vision very much deteriorated, he lost confidence for further live. He chose to die and stopped the treatment. 

With zero CD4 T cells, the body becomes a culture base, any infectious pathogen contracted can infect the body. They could be bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. For Steven Allicin had protected him from opportunistic infections and helped to slow down the development of opportunistic disease.

Steven’s case made me further belief that Allicin is a wonderful substance that can be used as wide spectrum anti infection remedy. During his treatment course, I found that the solution form was not convenient for dosing. Later I developed an oral capsule form of the Allicin now we are using as an enterically coated, time-release capsule.

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