Anti-Infection with MCM

LD is an infectious disease to eradicate the infectious pathogens is vitally important. We have developed Chinese medicinal herbal anti-pathogen remedies, such as Allicin Capsule, Artesunate Capsule, HH Capsule, Coptis Capsule, and R 5081 Capsule etc. The design of them is based on following considerations:

  1. Very low toxicity to meet long term treatment requiems of LD.
  2. Wide spectrum of anti-microbial effects, for example: Allicin has anti-bacteria, -mycobacteria, -fungi, -protozoa, and -curtain virus effects, to cover all possible co-infections of LD. It will not cause yeast over grow.
  3. They can easily penetrate the blood brain barrier (BBB) because they have very small molecular weight, for example: Allitridi’s molecular weight is 162.27 and Artesunate is particularly effective for cerebral malaria therefore it can well penetrate the BBB. The same mechanism can also make them able to penetrate the biofilm.
  4. Resistance to them is rare because these substances have not been extensively used.  
  5. They killing bacteria is not by destroying bacteria’s cellular wall therefore they can work for cyst form of the bacteria.

In summery our anti-infection substances for chronic LD have very low toxicity can be used for long-term; wild spectrum of anti-multiple pathogen (including fungi) effects that can comprehensively cover co-infections; will not cause yeast over grow; can penetrate BBB and biofilm; resistance is rare; and can work for the cyst form of bacteria.

I will explain individual anti-infection substances in following posts.

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