Modern Chinese Medicine Multi-Target Regulatory Treatment Approach for Chronic LD

To deal with the dilemma of conventional medicine in the care of LD, we developed our MCM multi-target regulatory “Fuzheng Quxie (strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors)” protocol for chronic LD, which consists of

1. Anti-infection,

2. Immune regulation,

3. Global health support,

4. Treatments of the complications such as Hashimoto, vasculitis, myocarditis, central and peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune arthritis, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune encephalitis…etc. and

5. Symptomatic treatment.

This is a comprehensive protocol to address all aspects of the pathology of the chronic LD. In my practice I found that it is a more effective way to treat LD especially chronic LD. Only when the immune function normalized, the body becomes healthier, then under the help of anti-infection substances we can eradicate the infection much more effectively. I will explain every sections of this protocol in following posts.

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