Artemisia Capsule -1

Artesunate is the second most frequently used anti-infection substance in our protocol, which is the first line anti-malaria medicine recommended by World Health Organization and it has saved millions of lives.

About 20 years ago I first borrowed it for treating babesiosis, which is a main co-infection of LD. It is protozoa that infects red blood cells like malaria. Because there was no special anti-babesiosis study has been done, I can only borrow this treatment from medication of malaria.  Conventional medicine did the same but adopted some out of dated anti-malaria drugs, such as Malarone (Atovaqyuone). They are not only ineffective, very expensive, and have a lot of side effects.

The Chinese discoverer of artemisinin, Prof. Du Youyou won 2015 Nobel Prize. Her team now is studying to use artemisinin and its molecular deliveries to treat systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis. In 1995, the Washington State University in Seattle had published their findings that artemisinin and its deliveries have wild spectrum anti-cancer effects.

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