Dilemma of Conventional Medicine in the Care of Chronic LD

In the care of chronic LD, conventional medicine which mainly relies on antibiotics (ABXs) has some difficulties:

a. LD needs long term treatment, but ABXs are not designed for long term use. To use for a few weeks is fine, not for months or years. Long term use ABXs makes more harm than good. Long term use ABX causes flora disturbance in the gut which can badly affect general health of the patient.

b. LD is multiple-pathogen co-infections, but most ABXs are useful for bacterial infections; it cannot treat none-bacterial co-infections, such as protozoa, virus, etc.

c. ABXs are made from fungus long term use can cause yeast overgrowing, which created new complications, such as candidiasis.

d. LD involved the central nerve system ABXs cannot easily go through the blood brain barrier, even by intravenous infusion.

e. ABXs suppress bacteria mainly by destroying the cellular wall, once the bacteria shed off the cellular wall become cyst form ABXs will not work well.

f. ABXs have been very much abused, and germs developing resistance to them is common, such as MRSA and MARCoNS.

g. ABXs only address the etiology, the infection, of the LD; it does not address pathogenesis caused complications, immune dysfunctions and deteriorated health status. After the disease has been there for long time the pathogenesis affects often have much deeper influence on the responds to the treatment and prognosis of the disease than the etiological factors.

Therefore, only rely on ABXs is not a solution of chronic LD and it is a dilemma of conventional medicine.

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