It is chronic LD not post treatment Lyme syndrome

First, I must emphasize that we are dealing with “chronic Lyme disease” not “post treatment Lyme disease syndrome.” The later term tries to say that LD can be resolved within a few weeks with antibiotics treatment and the lingering problem is “post LD” disorder. In the reality the antibiotics alone cannot totally eradicate the multiple pathogens infections of LD within a few weeks. Therefore, the term of “PTLDS” is inaccurate and misleading. 

Lyme disease was nominated due to the first place the disease was discovered, Lyme, Connecticut USA. It does not define the nature of the disease. A more accurate name of this disease is Borreliosis which means it is a bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi infection. But even this name is not exactly representing the real nature of this disease. Because besides the bacteria there are many other pathogens involved in this disease, some are not bacteria, such protozoa and viruses the disease victor the ticks carry and transmit. Therefore, to use a name such as tick-borne disease will be more accurately reflect its nature. It is a multiple pathogen co-infection not a single bacteria infection.

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