Lyme Disease is a Controversy Topic

I am Dr. Qingcai Zhang, an alternative medicine – modern Chines medicine, practitioner in New York. I have been using MCM treating Lyme disease for more than 20 years and treated more than thousand patients. Now 90% of my patients are LD patients. I published a book “Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine” in 2006, which was a summery of my research and clinical experiences of LD. Since then 13 years pasted, I have treated more LD patients. This blog will share my newer thoughts and understanding of LD, especially chronic LD with readers.

LD especially chronic LD is a controversy topic. The largest infectious disease association of the US does not acknowledge the existence of chronic LD. They think Lyme infections can be eradicate within a few week’s antibiotic treatment. They coined a term call the lingering problem of chronic LD patient as “post LD treatment syndrome,” deny the existence of chronic LD. Another group of LD literate doctor recognize the existence of chronic LD, but they want to use long term antibiotics. The previous group said that long term use of antibiotics makes more harm than good. The arguments made patients wonder which the right direction is.

I am not belonging to these groups, the MCM approach is differ from them, therefore I want to advocate my thoughts on LD and explain why MCM is possible a better approach for treating the complex LD, especially the chronic LD.

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